Why are we different?

As well as the normal services that other home loan companies provide Home Affordability Solutions is proud of its reputation as problem solvers and has the ability to tailor solutions to your particular circumstance.

Boost Your Deposit using Shared Equity

Home Affordability Solutions has adapted the very successful programs that has operated in the United Kingdom and social housing implemented by various Australian state governments

Shared Equity is a very powerful way in which to help people enter the property market earlier. It is often described as a rent to buy transition

We are proud of our inhouse Shared Equity products which have been in operation for some years utilising Shared Equity.


Home Affordability Solutions has a new innovative product that increases your deposit to help you buy that home or investment property sooner.

Our unique INVEST* and NOMINATE program enables access to our product to purchase an investment


Tiny Home Finance

In addition we are proud to announce our partnering with Designer Eco Tiny Homes and Hasulein Tiny House Co to find finance solutions for the tiny home market in addition to the residential market.


Tiny Home
Boost Your Deposit
Tiny Home
Boost Your Deposit