We are a market leader in helping First Home Buyers and Divorcees into the market through our shared equity solution MoveUp2


  • Deposit of only 2.5% plus costs
  • Limit your borrowing to 80% from approved lenders
  • Shared Equity sponsored by family/friends/super counts as deposit.
  • Sponsors get a return on money and are not guarantors
  • Newly built homes and house and land preferred
  • Full entitlement to First Home Buyer Grants/ Stamp Duty savings.


A PROVEN WAY to get into the property market earlier.


Now you have a choice:

Traditional - save 5%-8% deposit (includes LMI) over how long?


Our Way -    save 2.5% deposit get in and share capital growth                        until you can refinance (usually 3-5 years).



Typical Example

First Home Buyers - I can find 2.5% deposit and my family is prepared to invest the amount of sponsorship

Sponsors - I am happy to invest in a residential property portfolio  in a managed investment scheme registered with ASIC - Storehouse Residential Trust (ARSN 135 812 074)