Home Affordability Solutions is proud to have access to our new innovative and exclusive MoveUp2 Parent and Heroes product.



MoveUp2 provides a safe and secure pathway to helping families afford a home. Our parent pathway has helped many and is now available to help you.


With all accreditations in place, client testimonials, a pathway to protect family and friends, and a healthy rate of return you can invest in your children's future.

MoveUp2 allows parents to safely assist their children to purchase their own home. The MoveUp2 pathway recognises the value of the family, friends and investors support and removes many of the fees and risks often imposed on stand-alone first home-buyers.


MoveUp2 is a safe and secure investment. Parents invest safely and get a sound rate of return. Children get access to affordable home funding. MoveUp2 separates the parents from the children.

This is what one of our brokers says about MoveUp2:

“As an accredited broker using MoveUp2 through Home Affordability solutions, I have been able to assist my clients by:


  • Saving money on fees

  • Reducing loan repayments

  • Ability to maximise their borrowing potential


As a Mortgage Broker, I come across many parents wanting to help their children get into property. Many parents are concerned at the thought of putting up their own home as security. MoveUp2 gives me a solution for the concerning parents by:


  • Assisting their children, without the risk of losing their own home

  • Parents who don’t own a home can also assist their children

  • Parents earn a return on their investment


MoveUp2 helps parents earn a sound return on the money invested, helping their children get into property and keeping their own home safe from the banks (not putting their own home as security).



Our unsung heroes are the heartbeat of our community. These are your everyday Nurses, Fire-fighters, Police, Paramedics, Emergency Workers … and the list goes on.


MoveUp2 – builds community by helping Unsung Heroes own their homes in the community in which they work.

Instead of a parent helping a child, how about a community helping a Nurse into housing near their work?


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